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Investment Opportunities

Buying into the real estate market - small investment properties are definitely a preferred way of diversifying your overall investment portfolio!  Condos, townhouses, duplexes, triplexes, and multi unit apartments are all viable options often requiring minimal cash outlay and effort. We all know people who built wealth having tenants pay down their mortgage while property values escalated over time! Of course every opportunity has some risk – not everyone is able to be a landlord and deal with associated issues.

When purchasing an investment / revenue property you become eligible for a number of income tax advantages; Mortgage interest, property & school taxes, condo fees, repair & maintenance costs etc are all tax deductible in accordance with your personal income tax rates.  The revenue is also taxable at the same marginal rate. 

If you mortgage your existing home in order to invest in an income generating property, this interest on capital is also deductible. When selling the income home at some point in future, Canadian tax law states the 50% of the total gain is subject to tax at your personal marginal rate – ½ of this as well as the other 50% is yours !

There are of course guidelines to respect and other issues to consider. Talk with your real estate agent and consult an accountant to ensure a clear understanding.

As for properties, there are always possibilities in most price ranges – don’t forget that the greater Montreal area is the largest rental region in Canada– why not consider it now?

Have you ever considered a revenue generating property as an investment?Investment Properties

  • Income properties
  • Small apartment buildings
  • Twoplex
  • Triplex
  • Specific financial requirements
  • Tax implications



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